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If history was taught in the form of stories, it would never be       forgotten.  Rudyard Kipling

A bit of backstory on these books, with an interview, posted on Winnipeg Review

I hope you like Katya's story! Yes, those Stalin and Hitler years were difficult times.  But I want readers to focus on Katya's spirit and tenacity. 

Because the publisher shut down in Dec/17, these books will now only be available at Wayne Arthur Gallery on Provencher, or at Driven 2 Sew Quilt Shop in Steinbach, or by contacting me through this blog. 

I'd be delighted to share research behind these books to groups of students or adults and have easy-to-use supplementary material available for teachers or book clubs so you can dig deeper into Katya's history.


Gabriele Goldstone said...

Thanks, Kristin.

Unknown said...

I just finished reading both your books. I enjoyed them a lot and could hardly put them down. Well-written, well-researched. The characters really come alive. These stories hold a special fascination for me, as my parents lived through some of these same events. The endings were sad, but real. These are important stories for our younger generation, but also hold the interest of older readers. I'd be fascinated to know which parts of the story were related to you by your mother, and which parts are fictionalized.

Unknown said...
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Gabriele Goldstone said...

Hi Lotti,
Thanks so much for your interest. Most of what happened is true. In the first book I made up the characters of Natasha, Sasha and Uncle Leo (In reality there was a much older and kinder half-brother who rescued them from Siberia after the mom died.)

In the second book I invented the kind teacher and the friendly Aunt Hannelore. In general, my mom had a tough time with family in East Prussia and her father was incriminated by the money they sent him. He never left USSR and my mom didn't know what happened to him until I went over there in 2004 and found his OGPU file.

I'm continuing Katya's story with two more books. One is set just before the war. "Amber Stone" and the fourth will be set in 1945-47. As you might know those were extremely difficult years.

Very much appreciate you taking the time to comment!