Monday, April 7, 2008

The Kulak's Daughter

I've been holding this close to me, just indulging in its existence for two weeks. But now, I'm ready to share. I have my cover! Yes. It's like discovering what your baby looks like. I've looked at it again and again. It's a face I know well - on that cover - my mother's face when she was an eleven year old girl. I'd not seen this photo until 2000 when a distant relative found the photo and mailed it as a gift calendar.

At first I was afraid to look at that image of my mom as a child because it was obviously too painful for her to look it. She hid it - and I respected her pain. Gradually, however, I would peak at it whenever I visited her apartment. I got to know that little girl by asking questions. After all, I had two young daughters of my own. I was very aware of just how vulnerable little girls are.

Later, I made a copy of that photo (and of another one) and hung the two over my bed. I stared at that family until those eyes were etched into my mind. And now I know the story. And it's going to be a book. And my mom's photo - that young kulak girl - is on the cover!


Anonymous said...

That gives me goosebumps. Beautiful cover! Congratulations Gabriele! ~Sara~

gabe said...

Thanks, Sara.
I really appreciate it!
Talk to you soon!

Barrie said...

Gabe, that is so, so wonderful.

Barrie said...

Hey Gabe, are you going to pretty please post about the conference? :) I hear it was a roaring success!

And...did you guys happen to take any photos? If yes, I'd love to put them up on the 2k8 blog.

gabe said...

Yes, okay and sure.